Do you have ONE or ONE HUNDRED Employee's?

We are able to deal with
all aspects of your Payroll requirements.

As an employer, you need
to deduct income tax and
National Insurance
contributions (NICs) from
your employees' pay and
submit the deductions
to HMRC.

  • Professional Computerised Payroll system

  • Payslips produced and sent either directly to you or your employees

  • Control & calculation of SSP, SMP & Holiday Pay

  No need to keep yourself up to date with new HM Revenue & Customs rules and regulations as this is all part of the service
  • Whether Salary, Hourly paid or Commission, calculations are taken care of

  • We can register Clients with HM Revenue & Customs as employers

  • P45ís, P46ís, P60ís and End of Year returns to the HMRC

  • For each Pay period a summary showing total expenditure can be forwarded by E-mail to Clients

  • Completion of Yellow payslip books covering each payment due to HMRC

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